Antique Mid Century Modern Chandelier

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Mid century modern chandelier – We have an extensive collection of old and antique chandeliers. In recent years this has become a specialty. Because the interest is great for antique chandeliers and hence the questions where we have collected some information to consider when buying a chandelier.

When purchasing a mid century modern chandelier is often the first choice made by any type goes preferred. Of each type, we always have several chandeliers in the store from which a selection can be made. Incidentally, always unique pieces, but some bulbs were once even loved and are also made in larger numbers. Often there variation in the bucks, ornamental vases and grease traps whatever makes difficult the purchase of two completely identical chandeliers.

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In Italy were made glass chandeliers from the seventeenth century. Especially the Venetian mid century modern chandelier is renowned. Was in England at the end of the seventeenth century lead crystal discovered. This is a percentage of lead glass to which has been added. The lead in the glass refracts the light so that it falls into all the colors of the rainbow. By adding stained glass will also sing when tapped against them. A disadvantage is that the glass is fragile. Half Crystal is glass with a small amount of lead.

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