Building Mid Century Modern Bookshelf

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Mid century modern bookshelf are surprisingly cheap and easy to put together. Unfortunately, they are still more expensive than building your own, and they never seem to come at just the right size for your room or your book collection. Building your own not even take much more time than putting together a bookcase kits bought in the store. Set aside an afternoon for this project, which is within the reach of even beginning do it yourselfers.

Measure the space you want your mid century modern bookshelf. Decide on the height and width you want your shelves to be. Use your tape measure and a chain saw to cut two boards to match the height you want your bookshelves. Use your tape measure and a chain saw to cut the remaining planks to match the width you want your bookshelves, minus 1 1/2 inches.

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Cut the wood sheet to match the height and width you want for your mid century modern bookshelf. Sand all faces in your timber. Set two long and two short planks together in a rectangular frame which forms the outside of the shelf unit? Connect them with two L-braces per corner, each about 1 cm from the edges of the timber.

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Slide the remaining planks in the rectangular frame, divided as you want them to keep your books. You can use more or fewer boards than recommended if it suits your needs better. Fasten each board using a total of four L-braces, two per corner. Secure them what will the underside of your planks.