Console Bar Table Design

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Console Bar Table With Stools

Console bar table – The classic retro design of a half-moon table will be the perfect addition to your bar, no matter if the decor is 50’s satellite or vintage. The table design is adaptable to a variety of styles and decors.  Determine the size of your table. Place a couple of chairs around the place you want to place the table and see what works. A table that is too small can be swallowed up by your bar, while one that is too large will be an obstacle for people moving in the area. Once you know the dimensions you want, pull off the edge of a half-circle on the sheet of MDF.

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Then draw the outer edge of a second, larger circle so that it touches the midpoint of the first circle. This gives you your half-moon shape.  Determine the height of the console bar table. Most bar table will be on the coffee table height. If possible, find a table whose height you want to match and measure from the floor to the lower edge of the table.

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This will be the height of the console bar table.  Cut your table legs. Using the length you determined in Step 2, divide your table leg from 2 x 2 boards. Use a table saw or circular saw to make sure you have a clean smooth cut on the top and bottom. You need at least three legs, positioned as shown in the picture. If your table is very large, you may want to add an extra pair of legs.

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