Very Attractive Counter Stool With Back

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Kitchen Counter Stool With Back

Counter stool with back – kitchen stool away to go unnoticed has become a complementary element of a bar or island. They say that its origin is recorded in 667a.c. during time of Byzantium, which was then adopted by Nordic peoples and from there spread to England and parts of Europe.

Today, fortunately, counter stool with back has become a piece of furniture a little more democratic and anyone, regardless of status, can use it and sit on it. Surely more than once wondered what should be ideal height of a stool? Answer lies in height of table. For example, if island or bar has between 60 and 65 cm in height stool should be between 30 and 35 cm high. Basic rule to be comfortable: between one element and another should be 15 to 30 cm apart. In this model, rustic style Villatte La Maison we can prove it.

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A simple wooden seat and leg irons, stool, began to go through some transformations, counter stool with back and bases. Functionality certainly should never be absent. In times where spaces are smaller each time, this model of Tau architecture , thanks to its design, can be hidden under bar smoothly. But not all, aesthetic side is not resigned and in these plastic and steel stools converge to achieve a very attractive proposition.

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