Create Mid Century Modern Mirror

Published On October 22, 2019 | By udin | mid century modern

To create antique-looking mid century modern mirror – Purchase heavy chemical resistant gloves and eye goggles for safety. Choose a well-ventilated work such as a basement or outdoors. Have a fan blowing to increase revenue. Remove cardboard or paper backing from the mirror. Lay mirror on a flat surface. Ensure that the surface is soft — use old towels or blankets so that the mirror does not scratch. Wear gloves and mask. Pour the paint stripper of the mirror at the back of the mirror. Give the solution to solve. Gently scrape the backing paint to see if has begun to dissolve by means of a plastic spatula.

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Remember to give stripper time to work; the solution can be back on the mid century modern mirror overnight. Wrap in plastic mirror, without touching the solution, in order to avoid paint stripper evaporator. Continue to test the solution to see if the paint is coming. The scraping the entire back of the mirror, until all the paint has been removed. Washing the back of the mirror with water and a small amount of glass cleaner.

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Add silver remover by adding splatters drips and stains on the back of the mirror, Use a sea sponge, toothbrush or old simply pouring the solution on the mirror. Let it sit for several minutes for silver to properly dissolve. Rinse the mirror when sad is finished and let dry. Spray paint on the back of the mirror black, brown or dark gray. Paint mirror frame a solid color. Sanding the edges and add nail holes to a further distressed and antique look. And your mid century modern mirror was finished.

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