Decorate Mid Century Modern Buffet with High Vase Flowers

Oct 21st

Mid century modern buffet – Using high vase flower arrangements when the vase to make a small footprint, or take a small space, but you want the flowers to be large and visible, such as a buffet table where the flowers are high and the food and drinks.

To decorate mid century modern buffet with vase flower the first you must do cut of stem cells from the base of each flower stem and green stem. Immediately place the cut ends in a container of water so that the bottom third of the stems are covered with water. Allow flowers and greenery to hydrate for at least three hours. Clean the vase with dish soap and water. Fill vase three-quarters full of clean water. Put the green in the vase first. You may need to cut the stems of green to make green areas represent a full, even form.

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Place the tallest flowers in the vase first. Do not crowd the flowers or try to fill in all the rooms with flowers. The flowers must be evenly distributed. Add more greenery and less filler flowers as necessary to implement the arrangement and give it a complete and balanced appearance. Now your mid century modern buffet look beautiful with vase flowers.

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