Garden Storage Shed Ideas

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Plastic Outdoor Storage

Garden storage shed are design to provide safe, dry storage for lawn and garden tools, sports equipment, or even your trash cans. To keep these records safe from theft, the doors of most models of Rubbermaid sheds are lockable. The storage sheds are made of maintenance-free material that does not rot or fade when expose to wind and weather. It only takes a few tools and not much time to mount one.


Choose a location on your lawn to place your building garden shed. It should be flat, level, and have good drainage. Place the roof panel on its side and have an assistant hold it in place. Place the side wall right (all parts are marked) on the side and line up the tabs in the wall with the slots in the right side of the roof panel. Repeat for the left side wall. Place the back wall panel between the side walls. Make sure the words “back” are pointing upwards. Slide the tabs in the back wall panel into the slots in the ceiling panel until it snaps into place.

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Slide the floor panel between the garden storage shed and push it down until the tabs in the floor panel snap into place on the back wall panel. Make sure the word “floor” on the floor panel is facing up to the ceiling. Stand the hidden unit in an upright position at the desired location, using an assistant.

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