How to Build the 8×8 Storage Shed

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8×8 Storage Shed – A great option to safely store your belongings, a wooden storage shed allows you to take advantage of all the interior space it contains as you can hang items from the walls and ceiling. Easy to build storage shed without installing heating, water or electrical systems in the unit. Opt for a storage shed to store items instead of at home. Completely build an 8 x 8-foot shed following a few simple steps.

Wood Shed Kit Ideas

Wood Shed Kit Ideas

Determine where you want the storage ship. Use the shovel to dig holes to install the cover springs. Build the shed base. Install the front floorboards to the back. Start at the outer edge, and line a 2x12x8 with the front and back corner. Frame the door. Mount the wall frames by installing a 4x4x8 in each corner.

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Cut and install 2×4 boards along the entire outer perimeter of the shed. Install beams on the roof of the shed. Place one on each end of the shed, and then continue to place them between the two ends 14 inches apart. Attach the particle board to the structure of the outer frame. Nail each piece of particle board in place with nails in each frame joint. Install the door. Place the door in the structure of the desired frame, and key the door frame into place. Place the door on the hinges, and open the door a couple of times to make sure it opens and closes easily.

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