How To Recover Mid Century Modern Pillows And Sofa

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Retro Throw Pillows

Mid century modern pillows – and sofa can now look old and boring, but have options other than buying a new piece of furniture. For example, you can use a holster on the sofa to restore the piece without breaking the bank. One of the keys to using a sleeve is to ensure that you purchase the right size. It is also in your best interest to buy a cover that is stain resistant and spills occur. Modern accent pillow – 17 “X 17” mid-century. A bold design, soft upholstery fabric weight. Chenille accents. Placing fabric design varies on each pillow.

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Clean and vacuum the sofa. Remove all the cushions from the mid century modern pillows. Place the cover over the pillow from the back and top of the piece to the front and bottom. Put the cover in the cracks and stretch to fit over the armrest. Use the links if you have the cover.

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PIN the case to the back of the sofa where you can not see. Place safety pins 4 inches apart around the back of the sofa. This is the best way to secure the cover to the mid century modern pillows. PIN the cover to the bottom of the sofa. Again, space safety pins about 4 inches apart.

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