Large Storage Bench Cushion Cover Furniture

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Large storage bench – Storage benches with a cushion cover are functional furniture that makes a great addition to a room or an entrance door. The bank has two purposes. It acts as a place to store objects and as a bench to sit. Storage seat can be made in any types but they are usually made in a box shape with a lid that is hinged. Choose a good wooden floor such as oak, maple or cherry. Determine the style you want the finished storage seat to be.

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It should be wide enough for someone to sit comfortably. A good size for the large wooden storage bench is 3 feet long by 18 inches wide by 18 inches high. Create the basic framework. Measure and cut two tables of the same length of 36 inches for the front and back. Measure and cut two shorter boards, 18 inches from the ends. Fit the pieces to make sure they are straight.

Using a screwdriver and some tools, fasten the boards together at each details. Use two screws in each corner. For added strength, use wood glue on each joint. Measure the area outside the frame at the top of the lid. Add 1/2 inch to the overhanging measurement on the front and both sides wood storage bench of the lid. Cut the wood to size. Set aside. Measure the inside of the sides and ends of the structure of the lower piece of wood.

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