Making Modern Outdoor Bar Stools

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Outdoor Bar Stools Modern

Modern outdoor bar stools can really add a unique flare to your outdoor living space. Fortunately, you can make outdoor patio bar stools quickly and cheaply.

Cut four 2-inch thick cross sections from a log with a diameter of between 12 and 18 inches. These pieces will be the seat of the modern outdoor bar stools. Next you will have 12 legs posts of between 24 and 29 inches in length, depending on how long you want your stool will be. Turn the chair over and decide where the legs will be attached. Trace end of the leg to the timber. Then drill a pilot hole in the middle of each of these forms makes it go all the way through the forest. Also drill a pilot hole in the middle of the leg posts.

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Turn the chair over and screw the legs of the seat through the top of the seat. Test the modern outdoor bar stools to ensure that it is robust. If it wobbles, then try cutting the bottoms of the legs posts. If you used thin legs posts you may need to add wood dowels between the leg posts to keep the stool stable. Sand down the modern outdoor bar stools and fill the screw holes with wood putty. Let the filler to dry and then the sands down so they are flush with the top of the wooden surface. Color modern outdoor bar stools and let it dry.

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