Making Modern Storage Ottoman With Wheel

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Sliding Modern Leather Ottoman

When you make your own furniture, you have an immediate opportunity to add built-in modern storage ottoman to your home. This may not be easier than making a storage capacity ottoman. An ottoman not only provides a great place to rest your feet or object store you want to keep close. By choosing a fabric that fits your style, your new ottoman blends in with the rest of your existing furnishings while providing new storage capabilities.

You will need:

Target two of the square boards to form a corner and nail in place. Add the next storage ottoman to start creating a box. Put the fourth board and finish the box shape. Place the base board on top of the box and nail to the box frame along the sides, not the corners. The corners will be where the wheels attach. Any misplaced nails can prevent the wheels from attaching properly. Mount the wheels by pre-drilling holes in the corners of the basic square. Screw in the wheels and secure tightly so that they will not come loose under pressure and movement.

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On the last square, lay out the four 1-inch discs in a square shape, 2 inches away from the edges of the main square. Nail in place, creating one in the lip to keep up the glide of modern storage. Lay out the fabric square, right down on a flat surface. Center the foam over the fabric followed by the cover over foam with 1-inch discs upwards. Take care that everything is centered with equal parts of fabric around.

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