Making Metal Counter Height Stools

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Contemporary Metal Counter Height Stools

Metal counter height stools – Breakfast bars and bars in the basement are high counters where people sit to enjoy a meal in the morning or discuss a drink at night. Metal stools are an option to sit comfortably in these counters high waist. A stool is higher than a regular chair, allowing people to lay down their arms sitting on the counter and your food or drink reach without stretching or standing. A metal stool with a padded seat is an attractive and bright to the bar area addition.

Making metal counter height stools measure the height of the counter or bar. Subtract 12 centimeters high to give the person sitting on the stool for your body space on the counter. For example: the counter has a height of 48 inches and the measurement used to manufacture the stool is 36 inches. Cut the bars of the legs to 36 inches using a hacksaw hand. Do not cut the end internally threaded rods legs as the threaded end later to add the seat is required. Measure the distance between the legs of feces to determine the necessary double threaded studs, having internal screw threads at both ends size.  Secure each tube vertically in a vice table with the vice holding the bar in the middle.

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Click two series of holes through each leg bar using a metal cutting drill 1/2-inch, two inches from each end and 2 1/2-inch from each end. Connect the legs to the crosspieces appropriately sized by inserting a bolt of 1/2-inch holes through the legs from the outside and threading the bolt into the crossbar. Pin of a plywood board of 15 by 15 inches, 1/4 inch thick top leg metal counter height stools. Spray adhesive 8 at the mouth of plywood. Place a foam rubber pad 15 by 15 inches for the adhesive. Allow this to sit for an hour before proceeding. Set a piece of upholstery fabric 19 by 19 inches above the foam rubber. Insert the rubber stoppers 1 inch foot stool and push them to the extent that will be using a rubber mallet.

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