Mid Century Modern Crib Ideas

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Pottery Barn Mid Century Crib

Mid century modern crib – Teddy bears and puppies are common themes for baby boy nurseries, but these ideas can be a bit boring. Creative parents want something out of the ordinary for their baby-to-be. Your lifestyle is not boring, so your nursery design must show the same flair. Incorporate your taste in your baby boy’s room, and you have a nursery, you’ll love to show off to your friends and family.

If you’ve got a little biker boy comes, give him a motorized start in life with mid century modern crib motorcycle-themed. Mal crib in the baby-safe candy colors and stencil flames on the headboard and foot board. Print pictures of classic bikes, and frame them to hang on the walls. Paint a dresser and changing table to match the crib, and throwing black leather pillows on the rocking chair.

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Mid century modern crib walls lime green and leave the ceiling white. And then install white crown molding along the top edge of the kindergarten. Choosing a dark cherry wood crib and other furniture to contrast with the colors of the walls. Buying general boy toys like blocks and teddy bears and show them on white shelves in the room. You can also bring a cherry wood table and chair set. And then hang framed pictures of characters or pictures of your baby.

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