Mid Century Modern Pillows In The Living Room

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Mid Century Modern Pillows And Throws

Mid century modern pillows – Mid-century modern style is back and stronger than ever. Clean and clutter-free, it is an ideal style for apartment living. As this trend is a smart, attractive appearance that requires a few pieces to achieve, it can also be the kindest to your bank account. Whether you remember the 1950’s or not, maybe mid-century modern to be your signature look.

Look for authentic mid-century modern living room table, which can still find at reasonable prices from consignment shops, thrift stores, and garage sales. Choose chairs that are biomorphic forms, such as was popular in the mid-century modern era. Keep draperies simple style. Long, pinch-pleated panels were the most popular style drapes for mid-century modern furnishings. Select texture plain fabrics or find the color and pattern of the period. Now time to add mid century modern pillows.

Decorate the couch with mid century modern pillows in geometric shapes of square, round and triangular. Choose solid colors that are repeat and pull together the colors of the upholstery and other fabrics in the room. Arrange pillows asymmetrically on the couch with a formal balance from one end to the other. Do not drape throws on the furniture. Use area rugs with caution. Area rugs were rarely in the mid-century modern home, even on hard floors.

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