Mid Century Modern Rocking Chair For Dining Room

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Mid Century Modern Upholstered Rocking Chair

The mid century modern rocking chair – around the 1920s. Under the influence of architects and designers such as Frank Lloyd Wright began furniture and buildings in the modernist style both throwing their extensive decor and bare their bones. Modernist chairs lacked frills and skirts, Victorians favored, are designed to minimalism and honest lines.

Beginning in the 1950s, was the modernist style a little more comfortable with the widespread use of simple pillows, upholstery, and sometimes sheets of leather or material slung over frame with no solid base underneath them. Leather Lounge mid century modern rocking chair was symbolic of this period. Low on the floor, square, and usually black, its simple shapes and straightforward appearance came to characterize this era.

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The casual culture in the 1970s gave birth to one of the oddities modernist chair design, bean bag chair. As the name suggests was bean bag chair a bag full of beans, small Styrofoam bits that would conform to the shape of the person sitting in the chair. This era of experimentation also saw the introduction and rather fast disappearance of novelty furniture such as mid century modern rocking chair made to look like potato chips and straight back chairs designed to resemble like giant hands as you could sit.

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