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Mid century modern house plans – If you are hoping to extend a mid-century modern aesthetics on the outside of your home, siding one historically accurate means of quickly and tastefully complete the look. With the popularity of the siding during the mid-20th century, you have many options for types of siding. Once you choose the best material and siding shape, you can enjoy choosing a suitable color for retro nest.

Choose traditional siding with horizontal stripes lining your home’s exterior. For this, using wood will give your mid century modern house plans an authentic historical appearance. Cedar siding is a classic choice for the material, and a practical one as well; cedar resist natural decay and weathering far better than most woods. By choosing historically accurate colors, you can choose the look fixed in the desired time.

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Aluminum is a durable alternative to wood siding; in addition, it is fully in line with a contemporary look that just became increasingly popular in the 1950s and 60s. For a mid century modern house plans look that embraces the later ’50s and early’ 60s, take full advantage of the wide range of colors that aluminum permits. If you live in a historic home with aluminum siding, it is quite possible the original aluminum siding was painted. You may be able to update an old paint job by pressure washing. Alternatively, you can dig deeper paint layers for color inspirations, and adding a fresh coat of a historic color.

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