Nice Paint Storage Cabinets Guide

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Modern Painting Cabinets

Paint storage cabinets – You have just moved and are completely satisfied with your new location, only the kitchen is just not your color. But the money for a new kitchen is gone. No problem with these ideas – from painting kitchen cabinets to sticky films – you give the kitchen a new look in no time. Looked out at the color of your kitchen cabinets? Give them a second life by painting the kitchen doors and faceplates.

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For a nice result you have to pay attention to a number of points when painting over. Get started right away? Use the following step-by-step plan. For a nice end result, it is best to disconnect your kitchen cabinets. Unscrew the hinges and also remove the handles from the kitchen cabinets. Thoroughly degrease the doors and then sand them with fine sandpaper.

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Then put the kitchen doors and faceplates in the plastic primer. Sand them again lightly and paint them in the desired color. Make sure you apply at least 3 layers. Between the layers, lightly sand through. There is also special paint for painting kitchen cabinets. If you use this paint, you do not have to pre-treat the doors with plastic primer. This paint is only available in a few colors.

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