Reclaimed Wood Bar Height Table Plan

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Reclaimed wood bar height table – In the fast paced world we live in, it is necessary to eat without indulging in a relaxed mode that comes with sitting at a dinner table. Counter height tables are perfect for this situation. Place the bar stools around it and sit while you get a quick bite to eat or fix lunches for schoolchildren. Place the 24-inch square piece of plywood on a worktable. Measure from edges and scar 2 inches. Place the framing square on the marks and connect the marks by drawing a line around the perimeter of the plywood.

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Reclaimed wood bar height table, place the 20-inch square on the work table and mark it as you did the 24-inch square of plywood only do these brands on an inch. Apply glue on the inside of the square drawn. Place the 20-inch piece on top of the 24-inch piece and fasten them together with screws. Be sure to hold the screws in the square 18-inch was created on 20-inch piece. This is the basis of the counter height table.

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Reclaimed wood bar height table, place the two 18-inch squares of plywood on the worktable. Measure and mark the center. Drill a countersink holes with one-inch paddle bit. Then drill a hole through them with a 3/16-inch bit. Mark the center of the four by four posts at both ends. Glue the ends of the insert and secure the plywood to it with the finish nails to hold in place. Insert the lag screw in the pilot hole and tighten with a socket and ratchet.