Reclaimed Wood Bar Table And Chair Sets

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Reclaimed Wood Bar Table And Stools

When you bring home a new reclaimed wood bar table you, his finish would be perfect. And since you’ve been using your hard earned money to pay for this beautiful new table, you will want to keep it looking new and perfect for a long time.

Reclaimed wood bar table you should come with care instructions from the factory, telling you exactly how to take care of its exact finish. If you do not have a clue special treatment, here are some common ones to help you maintain the beauty of the oak. Most of the wood surface will benefit from the application of high-quality wax polish. Be sure to get one that is specifically made for furniture, you’ll be disappointed if you try to cut corners and use the same candle that you use on your car.

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If reclaimed wood bar table you have a joint, such as where the leaves fit in place, you have to be careful that you do not let candles piled on them crack. It will be white and looks worse than if you do not wax at all. The same thing goes for designs carved into the wood: be sure to buff the wax completely and use a very soft brush, like a child’s toothbrush, to clean the engraving.

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