Reusing Ideas As Tray Top Storage Ottoman

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Upholstered Storage Ottoman With Tray

Tray Top Storage Ottoman – The ottoman was Victorian was often a large piece of furniture and was called a sofa Turkey, after the country of its origin. The ottoman is also called a cushion, pouf, and tuffet. Whatever the name, the ottoman is a very padded upholstered seat with no back or arms. The smaller ottoman was designed to be used as a seat or footrest. Ottoman today could be round or square, small or large, which hides a bed or storage space or is used as a seat or footrest. The simple ottoman is easy to imagine as a reused object and is ideal for a conversion project.

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Convert the ottoman into a storage bin by removing the cover, attach the hinges on the top so it serves as a lid, and reupholstered the ottoman. Fix the wheels so the useful storage bin is easy to move. Create a hidden snack tray with the removable top of the ottoman. The removable top should not have hinges, and the side of the top tray should have raised edges. Paint the inside of the tray with shiny acrylic paint. In addition, the hollow ottoman can be used to store books or magazines.

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Turn the removable ottoman cover into a table set, play, and store on the bottom ottoman. When flipped, the rimless and bottom plane of the top ottoman should be painted with black and white squares to play chess and checkers. Place a small round glass on top of the ottoman, and use it as an end or an accent table. Place the long legs of the ottoman to raise the height.

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