Small Drafting Table With Parallel Bar

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Adjustable Drafting Table With Parallel Bar

Drafting table with parallel bar – In the old days drafting tables would have been known as architect’s tables and were always large, heavy pieces of furniture. They were design so that anyone use them would be able to put large sheets of paper onto them. These large pieces of furniture were use for many different purposes, whether drawing sketches, writing or for drawing precise plans, the design table was a real workhorse for the user.

These older models of the now classic designs were ornate pieces of furniture made out of exotic types of wood. There were so beautifully made that very often you would find them in libraries or in study rooms, who would use these tables as a writing desk. With the Industrial revolution a new specialize trade appear in the world, these draftsmen, as they were known, began use these large stands to draw out the plans that they had been commission to do and within a short space of time, the drafting table with parallel bar was to be made out of steel instead of the traditional wood.

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Today tables are totally utilitarian in design, enabling the professional draftsman to use them as tools of their trade. All tables come with every necessary drawing instrument incorporate into their design. Whether it is a set square, a protractor or any other tool that is require, it is to be found on the drafting table with parallel bar.

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