Storage Shed Converted To House, Do It Yourself

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To do storage shed converted to house, starting with measure the shed storage to determine the number of square feet. Make lots of drawings to create a good design. Add a small porch, windows and landscaping, for example. Plan an interior that is completely open except the bathroom. Clean the house inside and outside before starting any type of renovation. After that, roof repair and the foundation; Fix cracks or leaks. Add new wood roofing and shingles, if necessary.

Check the terrain carefully to make sure that the Foundation has no problems with moisture or loose soil. Insulate and frame walls shed tiny house. Operation of plumbing and electricity as needed. Replace windows without single screen panel with double glazed windows with screens. Build a small bathroom. Install drywall. Paint the walls and cut with semi-gloss paint. Next, set in a small bathroom; Create a kitchen in the smallest possible space, along a portion of a wall. Add a counter, a sink, open shelving devices and bedroom size.

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For the interior. Lay the floor, like hardwood or tile. Plan to buy a pair of foot warmers to add warmth to the space when it’s cold. Purchase radiator-type oil heaters, which are efficient and require only 110-volt plug-ins. Furnish the storage shed converted to house small as minimally as possible. Instead of a bed and a sofa, use a bed or a sofa bed. Make double function furniture. A table can work as a desktop. A small ottoman can serve as a footrest, table, guest hidden storage and seating area. Install adjustable wall sconces for lighting eliminate the need for table or floor lamps.

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