Tips To Building Pink Storage Bench

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Simple Hot Pink Bench

Pink storage bench is a perfect way to provide additional seating or footrests while concealing small objects out of sight. Build a small bench to store video game disks and controllers or stow extra blankets. A countersink creates a hole that allows the screws to sit under the surface and leaves room for a wooden plug to hide the screw. Build the other side.

Getting Started

Create a storage bench by building a box with a padded lid. Change basic plans to beautify the look of the device with additional wood pieces. Pine is a cost effective wood, but since this is a relatively small unit, choosing a higher quality wood can keep this device affordable. In addition to wood and screws, you must have a saw, a drill with a countersink and a piano hinge.

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Build Box

Shape the bottom of the unit with three 1 inch thick wood. The lower dimensions determine the dimensions of the entire chest. Cut the boards for the sides of the storage bench to match the width of the three bottom boards. Make 2-by-2-by-2-inch pine cutting for four. Choose your own height; 13 half-inch long pieces will produce a comfortable seat height. Attach the sides to the corner posts. Take the space for the bottom into account.  Place two rectangular pine trees on top of two corner posts to create the side. Drill holes for the screws with a countersink.

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