Tips To Improve Steel Storage Cabinets

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Steel storage cabinets, such as those in an office, are much more durable than wood and plastic as. However, the color of them is often scratched, creating a telling appearance. In addition, metal cabinets develop dents if they suffer from excessive force. When an otherwise functioning cabinet begins to look worn, you can simply stir up dents and paint scratches to restore the cabinet to a neat finish.


Move metal cabinets to a patio, if possible. If the cabinet is not movable, place plastic tarpaulins on the floor and over all surrounding objects. Place paint tapes over all handles and hardware on cabinets that you do not want to paint. Examine the steel for areas that are rusty or if the paint is scratched or scaled. Sand the surface of these areas with medium sandpaper until smooth at touch. Wipe off entire metal cabinets with a cleaning cloth to remove paint and metal shavings from grinding.

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Open a can of anti-rust primer and spray a thin layer over all areas where rust is present. Extend primer 1/4 to 1/2 inch over rusty areas. Open a can of the same color either alkyd enamel or epoxy paint, depending on what was originally used on the storage cabinets. Keep the jar 12 inches away from the metal and spray it on all embossed areas and primed areas until they are covered. Allow the paint to dry overnight or until it is no longer sticky on touch before using metal cabinets.

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