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Breakfast bar table and stools – The new trends in dining kitchens and American kitchens demand to have it clear … Kitchen bars: what is the correct height?  Depending on your height, kitchen bars can be completed with high or low stools or kitchen stools. For that reason it is necessary to have cleared the measures previously. The height of breakfast bar table is the standard measure that is always taken as a reference to create these comfortable dining kitchen ideas

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In the mornings the high tables in the kitchen are ideal for a quick drink, prepare your coffee, toast and whatever you want and take them in your kitchen as if you were in the bar. And is that in the morning is not that we have much time before going to work, so the breakfast bar table and stools are perfect for a quick breakfast.

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In the decorative aspect they are also great, since they create a very modern optics. In addition as they take up little space, you can continue to have the rest of kitchen furniture, so on weekends, you can make a bigger breakfast on your kitchen breakfast bar table and stools. Put together all your furniture and enter your kitchen, enjoy!