Turning A Storage Shed Into A House Ideas

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Turning a storage shed into a house may not be the most attractive feature of a backyard, but a little sprucing may change it. The lack of appeal may be due to a bland shed design or just from years of wear and tear. Even on a budget, you can spice it up and create a look for the shed that can complement your home. Decorating storage sheds on the inside and outside can make it a function on the yard instead of a sham.


Paint paintings on the walls. Use storage shed into a house paint to make a color on the outside and inside of the outhouse. Outside, paint a mural, for example, one that reflects sunflowers in your garden. Inside, paint a mural in cheerful colors, such as a wall of red tulips with a blue sky background. Install rectangular flower boxes. Attach a super-duty suction hook to the outhouse. Attach the hook from the window box to the suction hook. Attach as many flower boxes as you want on the outside or inside of the outbuildings.

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Put large outdoor butterflies on the outside of the outbuildings. There is large handmade storage shed into a house which can be an interesting addition to the exterior of the outbuildings. There are several types of butterflies available; each is hand painted and coated with outdoor paint. Let the vines grow over part of the side of shed and around the window if there is one. Decorate with antique tools. Buy some from an auction site or an antique store. Hang them on the inner walls of the storage shed to create unique furnishings. They also serve as conversation bits for anyone who enters the shed.

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