Typing Mid Century Modern Houses

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Small Mid Century Modern Houses

Mid century modern houses – If you’re hoping to expand a mid-century modern aesthetic to the exterior of your house siding is a history accurate means of complete the look. With the popularity of siding during the middle of the 20th century, you have many options for types of siding. Once you decide on the best form and cladding material, you can enjoy select an appropriate color for your retro nest.

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Shingle siding curls mid century modern houses aesthetics, a basic ranch instantly turn into an inviting retro home. In contrast to most types of siding, with long, horizontal strips of material, gravel cladding has the same structure as a shingle roof, usually with the aid of the same size, rectangular wooden shingles.

Adding gravel siding is a relatively subtle way to expand a mid century modern houses theme to your home’s exterior. Whereas many homeowners use a historic color palette to paint a house exterior, the colors of the middle can be overwhelming and visually jarring next to the neighbors houses the 20th century. By adding gravel siding, you can maintain a simple color or a neutral white or a timeless color like brown or dark blue.

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