Upholstered Counter Stool Ideas

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Upholstered counter stool – If you are looking to re-cover your bar stool or just give a polished, taking apart element is the most effective way to do this, because it allows you to get into narrow crevices all around the furniture. If the bar stool is constructed in one piece, you will not be able to remove it. However, if you have a version of wood or metal multi piece, you can fairly quickly. When removal is completed, you will be able to restore or renew your bar stool good condition.

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Turn the upholstered counter stool and put it down in his seat. From this point of view, you should be able to see the structural accessories stool, such as bolts and screws that hold it together. Undo the bolt in the center first, if you’re bar stool has one. This is called the mounting bolt; it is the basis for all other accessories. Push your needle nose pliers under the staples that hold the upholstery of the seat bottom.

Identify the points where the legs of the stool are joined. If they are screwed together, unscrew the screws now. If the stool has wooden legs, however, chances are that the legs are held together by mortise and tenon joints, which work like a square peg in a square hole. These are often held together with a small amount of glue inside each upholstered counter stool, or base, to give the unions more stability. To remove the legs, use a hammer to gently loosen the grip, hammering in the same direction as the shroud while holding fast to the shank portion.

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