Ways To String Up Folding Bar Table

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Folding Bar Table Set

Folding bar table – Folding tables provide a quick, temporary and comfortable surface for serving, making crafts or any other project or task that requires a flat, stable surface. Turn the table upside down and lay it flat on the ground. Look at the bones to see what kind of table you have. Open a four legged table by raising each leg of its hinge from the table surface and pull outward until it locks into place.

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Turn the table again. Close a four-legged folding bar table for storage by turning the table on its edge and press the release button on each leg near the hinge, then fold the leg back under the table surface. Set up a rectangular or large, round two entry table by setting it up and down on the ground.

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Raise the poles upright until perpendicular to the bottom of the table surface and lock them in place by pushing the metal bracket between the legs of each post until it locks in the middle of the legs. Turn the large folding bar table by raising the metal locking bracket of the hinge on each leg assembly and folding uprights back under the table surface.

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